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Do you know the purpose of a root canal? A root canal is a dental treatment used to save a tooth from extraction or failure. Root canals are needed when the pulp of a tooth becomes damaged and must be removed to avoid causing any further harm to your mouth or the tooth itself.

If an infection has set in, it can be fixed with a root canal. If left untouched, the tooth will eventually need to be extracted. Root canals work by sanitizing the area in and around the tooth and safely and effectively extracting the damaged pulp. If you are lucky and the pulp is still undamaged, the damage may be repaired without the need for a root canal treatment.

The pulp is essential to a tooth because it is its life force. This is where a tooth’s connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerve endings are found. If it is harmed, it must be removed with a root canal treatment or the entire tooth will decay and die off, leading to more oral health issues.

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