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Our dental professionals here at Family and Cosmetic Dentistry want to provide the right information to care for your child’s dental care and ease your mind. When your child is first born is when you need to start their dental treatment. Start their oral care treatment by simply cleaning out their mouth with a clean cloth or gauze. A chilled spoon, wet gauze, or your clean finger can help soothe their gums, and a teething ring can comfort them as their teeth begin to grow in.

Dental problems concerning your child can be assessed by your dentist who can look for tooth decay or cavities. If their first tooth hasn’t appeared by their first birthday, bring them into the office to get an assessment.

Dr. Michael Tobola and his staff will also give you information on proper dental care as well as poor dental habits common in young children such as thumb sucking. This early evaluation will help with your child’s speaking and chewing abilities as well as their smile.

Cleaning your baby’s teeth as early as they are born is an important habit to keep up throughout their child so these habits can continue up through their adult life. This includes brushing soon after meals, morning and night, flossing daily to get rid of plaque, and visiting the dentist at least twice a year.

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry here in Auburn Hills, Michigan, are ready to schedule an appointment or give you a consultation at any time. Give us a call at 248-852-8766 to meet with Dr. Michael Tobola and his associates to get the best treatment for your child today!