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Do you know what a toothache is and what you can do to spot it? A toothache is an oral health condition in which an infection has occurred to a tooth. Oftentimes, an abscessed tooth is the result of gum disease, and oral accident and injury or tooth decay. Due to the wide raising causes of toothaches, it is important to always inspect your mouth for any signs of dental damage that can occur. If you notice any signs of a toothache, you will need to visit our office immediately, so that proper treatments can be applied. Common signs and symptoms of toothaches include the following:

– If you have recently taken any medication, but it has little effect on minimizing pain and discomfort, a toothache may be present.
– If you have discomfort in your mouth and severe pain that lasts 24 hours after a tooth extraction, it could be linked to a lingering toothache.
– There are several visual clues that can indicate the presence of a toothache, including noticeable discharge, oral inflammation, fevers, rashes or chills.
– If you have recently had an oral accident, it can leave you susceptible to toothaches.
– When a wisdom tooth erupts into your mouth, it can cause inflammation and discomfort linked to toothaches.
– If you have difficulties opening and closing your mouth or feel real discomfort, it could be linked to a TMJ disorder, which can, in turn, increase your risk for toothaches.

Do you believe you are the victim of a toothache that requires immediate oral health care attention? No matter the treatments you are in need of, Dr. Michael Tobola and our team are here to help you in every way we can. If you would like to set up an appointment to come see Family and Cosmetic Dentistry at our dental office in Auburn Hills, Michigan, please call us at 248-852-8766.