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If you’re interested in having a whiter and brighter smile, then our in-office teeth whitening treatment might be for you! Our dentist, Dr. Michael Tobola, is thrilled to offer this beneficial treatment to help you reach your smile goals. To help you know all about it, he is happy to share some in-office teeth whitening facts. Those facts are:

-Professional in-office teeth whitening is a quick and simple treatment. It starts with your dentist protecting the gums with a rubber dam. This is necessary because the whitening solution might harm the oral tissues. Then, he will paint the whitening solution onto the tooth enamel. Next, he will activate the solution with a special dental light. These steps will likely be repeated to give you the best results possible.

-Professional in-office teeth whitening only requires one quick trip to our clinic. In fact, the treatment generally takes one hour.

-The treatment can eliminate minor and stubborn stains, and the whitening results you achieve can last 12-18 months. The results will last longer if you work to maintain the whiteness.

-Your whitening results can dissipate quicker if you do certain things, like smoke and eat and drink dark foods and beverages.

To learn more about in-office teeth whitening in Auburn Hills, Michigan, please reach out to our dental team at Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. When you dial 248-852-8766, we will be more than happy to help you in any way we can, even if it’s just by answering your questions. We look forward to talking with you!