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Do you have dentures? Have you been taking care of them as necessary? For instance, be sure to soak dentures overnight in an approved denture cleaning solution or water. Cleaning instructions given by your dentist should always be following to prevent any damage to your mouth or the dentures themselves. Here are some important questions and answers regarding dentures:

How can dentures benefit you?
– Dentures can improve eating and speaking habits when compared to missing teeth. They also make your smile fuller and feel better too. Aesthetic benefits of dentures include a more youthful look in your face and jawline, improved self-esteem, and with up-to-date dentures, a more natural appearance that looks and acts like normal teeth.

How durable are dentures?
– With proper care and upkeep, dentures can provide a lifetime of lasting benefits.

How do you clean and care for your dentures?
– Keeping your dentures clean should be done at various times throughout the day. After meals, your dentures should be removed and washed and brushed with nonabrasive denture cleansers or water. Always rinse and clean your mouth and your dentures before re-introducing them back into your mouth.

What types of materials can be used for cleaning dentures?
– Always use a dentist-approved denture cleanser or regular water. Never use abrasive toothpaste, hot water, teeth whitening agents, bleach-containing products, or any other product that can easily bend, crack, grind, or stain your dentures.

Dr. Michael Tobola at Family and Cosmetic Dentistry wants to ensure your smile shines no matter what condition it is in. If you are thinking about getting a set of dentures, no matter if it is only a partial set or even a complete set for your entire mouth, please contact our dentist office in Auburn Hills, Michigan, by calling us at 248-852-8766. It’s never too late to start taking steps to a healthier you.