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If you frequently struggle to maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine, the plaque in your mouth could start to affect the bond your filling has with the surrounding tooth enamel.

As its relationship with the senamel continues to weaken, you might notice a growing sense of discomfort and increasing sensitivity in the tooth. However, some failing dental fillings don’t cause any overt symptoms and simply fall out when you are eating a meal or chewing gum.

If you have a tooth with a missing or distressed dental filling, the wisest course of action is to have it examined as soon as possible by our dentist. Putting off a visit to the dentist could lead to a severe dental fracture or other serious oral health complications.

Dr. Michael Tobola may treat the problem with a composite filling. These fillings are made of a mixture of powdered glass and composite resin, and will conform themselves to shape of the cavity. The dentist will cure each layer of the filling as it is applied. Besides conforming to the tooth and bonding with the surface, the composite is also shaded to match the color of your tooth.

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