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Do you have questions about dental fillings, such as whether you would benefit more from composite versus amalgam material? While there are many options for dental fillings, amalgams and composites are the most common and effective. Our dentists, Dr. Tobola, Dr. Grindling, and Dr. Grindling offers a list of four facts about both amalgam and composite dental fillings to help you choose the material for your smile:

– The most complementary fillings are those made from composite material because they can be matched to your natural teeth. If you are looking for an aesthetic option, we may suggest composite fillings over amalgams.

– When damage occurs to a dental filling as a result of injury or accident, our dentist may need to replace it to keep your smile in good health. An amalgam filling must be removed completely before the new filling is placed, but dental composite can receive repairs and even be replaced without removing the original dental filling.

– Size and placement of a cavity can determine which type of filling material is needed. A large cavity whose size and extent would make placing dental composite difficult may need dental amalgam, but small cavities and cavities on the front teeth are more ideal for dental composite.

– If you are concerned about mercury in your smile, you should probably choose composite fillings over amalgams because dental composite is completely free of mercury.

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