What Do You Know about Root Canals?

Do you know the purpose of a root canal? A root canal is a dental treatment used to save a tooth from extraction or failure. Root canals are needed when the pulp of a tooth becomes damaged and must be removed to avoid causing any further harm to your mouth or the tooth itself. If… Read more »

Smiles Can Be Restored with Dental Veneers

Did you know dental veneers popularity have swept the nation because of the success it has had with thousands of people? Here at in , , our team of experts is happy to give you information so you understand how dental veneers can help you and why they have become so popular. Dental veneers are… Read more »

Receive Dental Treatment for Your Baby Today

Our dental professionals here at want to provide the right information to care for your child’s dental care and ease your mind. When your child is first born is when you need to start their dental treatment. Start their oral care treatment by simply cleaning out their mouth with a clean cloth or gauze. A… Read more »

A Simple Filling Might Be Able to Repair a Modest Size Cavity

While it’s rare and certainly unfortunate, there are times when even the most consistent oral hygiene regimen isn’t sufficient to prevent a cavity from forming on one of your teeth. This could be the result of demineralized tooth enamel or a small chip that has trapped bacterial residue. With early detection, the dentists at ’s… Read more »

Temporary Crowns: The Facts

You probably understand that getting a dental crown can help you deal with a number of issues, but had you heard that you could need to have a temporary crown placed before we place a permanent crown? While these are only temporary solution, they offer several benefits. You see, if you have an injured tooth,… Read more »

Do You Know the Signs and Symptoms of Ongoing Gum Disease?

Do you know the signs and symptoms of ongoing gum disease? Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an extremely common, yet destructive oral infection to your gum tissue. Gum disease is produced by a variety of factors, including plaque buildup within our mouths, that if left untreated, can steadily damage your gums and… Read more »

Adding a Fluoride Treatment to Your Dental Checkup Can Help Maintain Healthy Teeth

The American Dental Association recommends attending a regular dental checkup every six months. Here at , every dental checkup and cleaning is designed to address all the elements of maintaining a healthy mouth. This starts with one of our professional dental hygienists performing a thorough dental cleaning. This will remove any plaque buildup and hardened… Read more »

The Basics of the American Dental Association

Your dentists Drs. K. Tracy Grindling and Kyle C. Grindling are members of the ADA. You may have also seen the ADA accepted seal on your toothpaste, mouthwash or another dental product. What is this all about? Here are the basics: What is the American Dental Association (ADA)? It’s the largest and most reputable dental… Read more »

The Benefits of Regular Dental Checkups

You probably already know that you need to visit our dentist if you experience issues like dull or sharp pain, bleeding or inflamed gums, or tooth sensitivity to hot and cold. You should also visit us if you have a dental emergency, like a fractured or cracked tooth. Yet, have you been told that it’s… Read more »

Important Answers Regarding Dentures

Do you have dentures? Have you been taking care of them as necessary? For instance, be sure to soak dentures overnight in an approved denture cleaning solution or water. Cleaning instructions given by your dentist should always be following to prevent any damage to your mouth or the dentures themselves. Here are some important questions… Read more »